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Consultants Required in Scotland,England Ireland and Wales

Scentsy Fragrance is an exciting work from home business which sells a range of innovative handcrafted ceramic / pottery warmers, scented wax bars to melt in the warmers and other fragranced gifts. The beauty of operating your own Scentsy business is the lack of any pressures by Scentsy for you to do parties or sell a certain amount or recruit others. The choice to do any of these things is entirely up to you

The business launched into Scotland in April 2011 and there are only 900 consultants in Scotland right now (and the population is over 5 million people).

If you have ever wanted to run your own business, need to earn extra income for luxuries or simply want a new challenge please contact us today.

We are looking for consultants and team leaders and offer full and ongoing training and support, lots of fun and a great opportunity to be the first in your area with this party plan business. There are vacancies across Scotland including Glasgow, Ayr, Fife, Dunfermline, Edinburgh and Aberdeen and North Of Scotland.

There is also a need for consultants in England and Wales - 1600 serving a population of over 55 Million people

Ireland has 660 Consultants serving a population of over 4.5 million, although most of these consultants are based in Northern Ireland.

Imagine the possibilities all over the UK.

Watch our Join Scentsy Video and please contact us at if you would like a no obligation recruitment information pack.


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