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How to make your Home smell like Christmas

7 Essential Oils For An Amazing Christmas Smelling Home Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the amazing smells that fill our homes at this time every year. They are special one of a kind scents that immediately make you remember Christmas Times from many years ago. Whether its the smell of a huge turkey roasting in the oven, or freshly cooked Mincemeat Pies or the pine cones that the kids went out collecting and then decorated with gold sprinkles, each of these smells can instantly transport you back to reminisce of precious memories from the past with family and friends, some of whom are no longer with you This Christmas you can fill your home with these incredible smells by using safe and natural Essential oils instead of chemical laden aerosol sprays or burning candles which add to the increasing fire hazards that abound at this time of year. Your clever and subtle use of these oils can help produce a relaxing yet vibrant atmosphere for yourself and your guests. Ensure that those Christmas memories will burst into life the minute anyone walks through your front door. There are a selection of traditional scents that we can use during the festive period. Each of these smell fantastic on their own, but you can also mix these oils together to come up with your own unique blend. Play about with the oils in the run up to Christmas to find your all time favourite and create a scent that is uniquely yours Pine Needle Essential Oil

Love a real Christmas tree but hate all the mess with the needles falling off? A freshly cut Christmas tree smells immense. Bring life to your artificial tree by using 5 - 6 drops of Pine Essential oil in a spray bottle together with @ 50mls of water and a little washing up liquid. Give it a good shake and then spray your tree lightly. Make sure you just spray the tree, not the highly polished furniture nearby. No spray bottle... just add a few drops of oil to cotton wool balls and place them in the branches of your tree. Blend with a few drops of Grapefruit Essential oil for an uplifting fresh, zingy effect that really invigorates and lifts the spirit!

Cinnamon essential oil

Cinnamon, with its spicy fragrance is warming, comforting and one of the most recognised winter scents. It is also boosts your energy! So when it seems as though you will never get it all done in time for St Nick arriving, or your all shopped out, add this oil to your Scentsy Diffuser or Oil burner. Cinnamon oil will help you focus and concentrate on getting the job done. It helps you find the strength and determination to carry on. Frankincense essential oil

This was one of the gifts given to Baby Jesus. It is a wonderfully relaxing oil (that is why it is used for meditation), and is ideal for helping to keep you chilled and relaxed during the hectic run up to Christmas. Use frankincense essential oil in your burner or diffuser to radiate a beautiful calm and serene atmosphere especially when your nerves become frazzled or frayed! This can be used to calm and soothe over excited children. It also works on adults!

Clove Essential Oil Clove Oil is a wonderful warm and full-bodied aroma and another one closely associated with Xmas,probably because at some time or another we have all made fragrant orange-clove pomanders, mulled wine and/ or scrumptious baked ham. Try a blend of sweet orange oil and clove bud oil in your vaporiser/ Diffuser/ Oil Burner to create an instantly enlivening effect that is popular with everyone, and creates a welcoming atmosphere for your visitors. Ginger Essential Oil Hmmmm? Not sure what to get the kids? When do you put the turkey in the oven...and all the rest? Is it just too much? This warming, sweet and spicy oil is really helpful when you are indecisive or lacking in motivation (typical symptoms of Christmas!), since it brings clarity, strength and determination. If you find yourself unable to push youself of the sofa when you should be out and about, or doing things rather than watching TV, an equal mix of stimulating ginger essential oil and refreshing bergamot will soon get you back on your feet. Nutmeg Essential Oil Christmas can be an especially tiring holiday! The shopping, cleaning, cooking, wrapping, entertaining and everything in between, can all be overwhelming. Nutmeg essential oil has a stimulating action on the brain, helping to envigorate both mind and body during challenging times, so use it in your diffuser / oil burner at the first signs of fatigue. Remember also to set realistic goals, plan well ahead, and then assign tasks! Get members of the family to help with decorating, food preparation, wrapping and the trillion little things they could be helping you with. You can’t do it all yourself!

Sweet Orange Essential Oil All of the spice oils have quite strong aromas, and you don’t need to very much of them to fill a room. The uplifting and refreshing aroma of sweet orange oil is the perfect choice to blend with any, or all of the above spice oils if you want to add a burst of citrus freshness. Sweet orange essential oil always brings a ray of sunshine indoors during the cold winter months and it is an amazingly versatile essential oil when it comes to blending. Mandarin essential oil can be used instead of sweet orange, if you prefer. Increased Health Protection Winter usually sees an increase in coughs, colds and flu, but the good news is that all of these spice oils have powerful anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. So whilst you are using them to fragrance your home during the holidays, they will be helping to protect you against all those nasty bugs. Clove bud essential oil for example, has almost unrivalled antimicrobial, antiviral, and antifungal properties which are lethal to a wide range of harmful organisms. Diffusers and Vaporisers

These are the modern safe alternatives to candles. There is

no smoke, no soot, no toxins and no flames. Just pure clean vapour to invigorate, recharge, motivate, calm, strengthen and protect your mind,your body and your home. Not just at Christmas but all year round when different Essential and Natural Oils can be used to fill your home with unique and sensational Aromaz.

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I hope that you have enjoyed reading these tips about using Essential and Natural oils in your Diffuser, Vaporiser or Oil Burner and that if you do try them out, you have a peaceful, merry and stress free Christmas xx


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