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Join Scentsy UK ...When is the best Time?

This is the current Starter Kit that you will receive if you join in July. You Can Join Now by Clicking the Image.

Join Scentsy UK Starter Kit July 2017

..notice the extra warmer?

Now it may be that you just want to join to get the extra warmer, and not really earn an income and work your business...which is fine! If that's what you are thinking then I would say join now...get £330 worth of product and then you will have 3 months to see if you can do this...If not then the kit is yours to keep!......However.......

If you seriously want an easy to run, very popular product to sell business with no stock to carry then Join in August! There are many reasons for this....

1 August is transition month...we get a new Catalogue come 1st scents....and these new scents will also be in the Supersized Starter kit that you get in no need to buy them .

2 Scentsy have a 10% sale in August...loads of sales

3 Scentsy Bars will be going up 1st September...even more people will want to stock up in August.

4 A Brand New product is being released on 1st September! how many people are going to want this Brand New Delivery System?

5 The new Incentive for a Fabulous Holiday starts 1st August ..all sales you make will help you earn what could be the Holiday of a Lifetime! You are treated like royalty on these breaks and no expense spared! Previous Holidays have included, Greece, A Cozumel Cruise, Disney World, Africa, Rome.....where will this one take us??

6 Customers start get ready for Christmas! The next 4 months are really hectic, busy months for nearly every consultant in the world! With only 4 months to go Booking Parties is super easy, when hostesses and customers start thinking about Christmas Gifts. Scentsy is a fabulous Gift to give and receive. As a Consultant you will be able to stock up on Free and Half Priced Items for your own use!

7 The Extra Cash that you will make between now and December (Commission is paid monthly) could really help you have a brilliant Christmas or get that special something you have had your eye on for a while.

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