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Pre Order Scents of the Season Limited Edition Collection

Have you been naughty or nice? We say nice.

So Scentsy have put together a special fragrance collection for you to enjoy this holiday season — and it arrives 24 November at 5 p.m. GMT!

You can PreOrder your collection by Clicking Here Be ready to celebrate the winter holidays with the Scents of the Season Collection, designed especially for gift-giving. It Looks like there will be 5 fragrances in the set and we are not sure of cost or if they will be available to buy individually...But one thing is for sure...These Will Sell out Very Very Quickly! Give me a shout if you would like more information on this set as soon as I have it These are the 5 Fragrances 💙 Cranberry & Tinsel - mulled cranberries, Siberian fir needles and cedar wood 💙 Blue Christmas - orange peels, cinnabar sticks, cloves and fir needles 💜 Sugar Bells - sweet mix of spun sugar, vanilla bean and honeyed chestnut 💚 St Nickerdoodle - baked apple, spices and a dusting of icing sugar 💛 Wassail Wonderland - orange zest, lemon peel, cinnamon sticks over fir needles These are a Limited Edition and will only be available as long as Stocks Last

You can PreOrder your collection by Clicking Here


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