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Should you Buy this Kit?

Its May 2019 and Scentsy are celebrating their 15 Year Anniversary! 15 Years ago Scentsy was born and over the years it has grown from strength to strength. Scentsy is now one of the top 50 Direct Selling Companies in the world. The concept is very simple...replace those candles, atomizers, air fresheners and other forms of fragrancing your home or workplace, for a much simpler cleaner and safer method ~ The Electric warmer and wax melts. No Smoke, no toxins, no soot...and no flame!

If you have never heard of Scentsy head over to my website and have a read of how effective and safe Scentsy will learn about the different systems they have to offer, why it is one of the safest methods of home fragrance and the huge range of products Scentsy can provide to help you have a lovely scented space. If you already know about Scentsy and maybe even use it yourself...Have you ever thought about sharing your love of Scentsy and actually becoming an Independent Scentsy Consultant? I'm maybe biased but I LOVE my job and its something I would advocate for most people...not everyone but definitely most men and women who are looking for something extra...or something Cheap! This month Scentsy have an Amazing Joining offer..... £19 / €22 (plus£6 shipping) This Special Anniversary Kit gets you enough to get you started with very little financial risk.

Scentsy Anniversary Kit from Aromaz
Scentsy Anniversary Kit from Aromaz

Still not convinced yet? Let me tell you my story and give you some of the top reasons people all over the world are joining Scentsy. I started with Scentsy in September 2015 . I had been a Foster Carer for over 18 years and after being diagnosed with Cancer and having all the radiology and chemotherapy, felt I needed to do something a bit more calmer. I have spurs on my hips, so walking great distances or being on my feet all day is a no-no, so going back to work full time was an impossibility for me, but I still had bills and a mortgage to pay.

I googled and researched lots of different businesses and work opportunities, but none of them filled me with excitement..until I discovered Scentsy. I could do this!

With 3 dogs and loads of home cooked meals, my house could get quite smelly and I was always trying something new that would work to give me a nice fresh smelling house, instead of visitors being greeted by "wet Dog Smell" or Italian Pasta (loads of garlic) or smelly shoes!

I had tried almost every commercially produced Room Spay, Plug In, Candle, and Diffuser out there and though they all started off great...none seemed to last. None got rid of the smells that embarrassed me by lingering throughout the whole house. When I started to use Scentsy I was in Seventh Heaven! My home smelt amazing, the wax lasted and filled my whole home with beautiful strong scent which I could change to suit my mood or how I was feeling. Did I want to smell clean washing or floral bouquets, a sea breeze or home baked apple pie?

I have a product which I absolutely believe in. It is safe, clean, beautifully crafted and expertly manufactured. People all over the world love it and I really do feel privileged to be part of the Scentsy Family. I have a business which I can tailor to meet my needs, work when I want to and do the tasks I am able to do

Have I told you yet that I am a Granny! And I got my free bus pass 3 years ago!

I have 3 beautiful Grandchildren, that I adore and love the fact that my job gives me the opportunity to spend lots of time with them and watch them grow up. I also have the extra pennies I earn to be able to spoil them occasionally, and they love Scentsy as much as I do!. They love helping me when an order comes in...and finding a new favourite buddy or scent they want! I have earned 2 Incredible Holidays with Scentsy this year alone. One to Cancun in Mexico in January and just last month I was in Montreux Switzerland. Just for sharing Scentsy Products! Both these trips were all expenses paid including the flights and both were absolutely Amazing! Scentsy pay for and think of everything...even down to the little room drops every night with mementos and keepsakes of our trips. Each Trip creates memories that will last a lifetime and you meet so many great fellow consultants who will become friends, mentors and support for life!

Scentsy UK 2019 Reach For the Beach
Scentsy Incentive Trip... Moon Palace Cancun

Award for top Scentsy Sponsor at Montreux Switzerland
This was me getting a Top Sponsor Award in Switzerland...see the person standing next to me? Thats Heidi one of our CEO's

I started my journey 3 years ago and I love every bit of it as much now as I did when I started. I'm not saying that it's easy...but I am saying it is not hard! I don't work all hours ...I work when it suits me ....I do parties don't have to. In fact you don't have to do anything you don't want to. Scentsy put no pressure on you to do anything at don't even have to sell anything...just keep the kit for yourself and you will automatically go inactive after 4 months. No one will ask you for the kit back or pay anything matter which kit you purchase, its all yours , and you can even sell off the paperwork and get some of you payment back. Maybe you just wanted the kit for yourself, or the timing wasn't right? No worries you can come back for free anytime you like...If that's what you want.

Join Scentsy UK from Aromaz
Join Scentsy for your own reasons

But if you do want a bit...or a lot more, then the opportunity is there for the taking!

With Scentsy you have a first Class product, an outstanding company to be a part off, first class training and support, excellent re-sales, a variety of ways you can promote and sell your product . You don't have to purchase and hold stock. Scentsy have only one requirement...that is to place 1 qualifying order every 4 months for 200prv (@£245 in sales) Do that and you will earn £40 - £60 in commission and free and half price products. 200 PRV is the equivalent of 7 people buying 6 bars from so easy to do You can choose to just sell to family and friends ...or just keep it all for yourself! Take it a bit further and share with friends and workmates or even further and share it with everyone you know, gather orders, monthly, fortnightly or even weekly! How would all that extra cash every month help you and your family? Whatever your reasons for starting, whether it be to pay the household bills, for the kids clubs and activities, for your wedding or special occasion, for a new car or a mortgage, or just something for you, Scentsy will give you a sense of fun and excitement and belonging. It will give you challenges and friendships beyond your wildest dreams. Don't put it off any longer Join Today and see where this adventure will take you. I'll be with you every step of the way to celebrate each and every success you have, cheering you on and giving you all the tips and training I have learnt on my journey....if you want it of course?


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