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What can you buy for £19.00?

Nowadays not very much! A nice meal or a night out on the town will cost you double that. A new pair of Shoes? or a Coat? Maybe..... depending on where you shop! It wouldn't even get you a tank of petrol! But what if I said if you took that £19 it could be the key to unlocking your wildest dreams? It could mean a fabulous cruise to Bermuda ?

Maybe having enough extra income every month so that you don't have to scrimp and save every last penny to make ends meet? Or having the extra cash to get your kids to swimming or football classes? Being able to afford those little luxuries that you have to miss out on just now? Even the reassurance that you could save for a rainy day? A Family Holiday ...or your retirement? That £19.00 could change your life it has done for so many other people all over the world. Spending just £19.00 and investing it in yourself and your future could make all the difference between just getting by every month and living life in style! This is not a get rich scheme... and its not easy money. You do have to put in the time and have the willpower and the committent to want to succeed.

You wouldn't be doing this on your own would have a team of experts behind you every step of the way, To help you when your push you when your slacking and encourage and applaud you when you are climbing the ranks.

So do I hear you asking what can do all this??

Joining Scentsy! That £19.00 we spoke about is all you need to fork out for the Starter kit this month...thats even cheaper than our Mini Plug In Warmers, plus you get a bar of wax, testers, Catalogues and product Sheets and the training to start your very own business!

Join Scentsy this September
September £19.00 Starting Kit

And I'm not going to say the obvious ...that if it didnt work out you have still got the warmer and Scentsy waxes for a lot cheaper, because that is not how I want you to look at this amazing opportunity. I want you to realize that this could be the best thing you ever do! This could set you and your family up for life! Scentsy are becoming with out doubt the No 1 name in Home fragrance. Their sales all over the world are getting higher and higher. Their recently launched partnership with first Disney and then more recently Star Wars and Marvel have increased their turnover dramatically ... and you can be part of this amazing network for only £19.00 It is a smaller than normal kit, but with the free and half price products you can claim when you submit orders you can grow this kit in no time at all... and thats without havign to buy stock or spend your commission buying paperwork or products. If you would like a no obligation information pack then please reach out to me through my Contact Form and let me answer any questions you may have


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