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So what is a SCENTSY Whiffbox??

Scentsy Whiffbox

Doesn't sound very nice...does it? Maybe we should have called it a SmellBox...nope....that sounds worse!

Actually I don't know who came up with the name, but they have been on the go in the USA for about the last 5 years and we are only now beginning to see them in Britain and Europe.

These Whiffboxes were inspired by consultants, who wanted to acknowledge their customers loyalty and tantalise and inspire them at the same time!

Scentsy themselves do not produce these little boxes of is Your Personal Independent Scentsy Consultant who does! He or she, with their in-depth knowledge of your likes, dislikes and crazy passions, of your family constitution and even your Birthday, personally and carefully hand-pick selected products that they feel will be beneficial to you and your family.

They hope that you will love some if not all of the goodies in your Whiffbox.

They also hope that you will appreciate the time, committent and dedication that they pour into each and everyone of these little boxes, because they are made for you and you alone.... with lots of love.

Some Consultants create a theme around each box, and apart from the full sized products and lots of samples and perhaps one or two discount coupons....there will also be a plethora of fun, engaging little treasures in each box, waiting for you to discover each and every one!

The cost for each box, which will vary dependant on the amount of products inside, will differ. These costs are set by your consultant, so please contact your own Independent Scentsy Consultant to see if they offer these.

I have loved creating these...Coming up with a theme for the coming month, sourcing my treasures that I will carefully place along the hand picked products, from the current Scentsy Catalogue, that I know my customers will love, Being creative about the contents and the packaging as well as the literature that goes into the boxes. They are great fun to create and an absolute delight to give out!

I sometimes think...I Would LOVE one of those boxes!!

If you would like to get your own box from me then please click the link HERE to be taken to a survey form which will ask you some basic questions and give you an indication of the prices I charge for my Whiffboxes. From there you can then opt in to receive a box in my next run....these come out once a month and you can can have them delivered for a small fee if you live without my area.

I know that I will run out of ideas for themes for my Scentsy Whiffboxes, so if you can think of any please let me know in the comments


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