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What are Your Goals?

I started in with Scentsy in September 2015 and really never had any goals apart from being successful in my new Business. I tried to let as many people as possible know that I was now an Independent Scentsy Consultant and they could buy their products from me.

Of course I had family and friends come over for my Launch Party and they bought warmers and waxes and some of my friends had parties or me and I thought Yay!!! I've done it.

But there is more to successful selling than that!

I have a decent sized list, i have a few parties booked and I get quite a lot of repeat sales. I also have 2 consultants in my what more do I want?

If I settle with what I have just now, my parties will eventually dry up, so will my recruiting prospects.

To build a business you need sales and new sales at that. You must keep growing your clients!

And I know that by not having goals I was being lazy!

I also got caught up in the fascinating world of Facebook advertising! And while I had reaches of over 15000 I had very few sales, was spending more money trying to get the right ad and really just wasting my time when I could be actively selling!

I am setting Goals and I will do these religously

So starting tomorrow, I will ...

talk to 5 new people every day and let them know I sell Scentsy.

Have 4 Borrow Baskets out to shops/ offices/ local businesses or potential Customers

Try to book 3 parties per week

Spend at least hour a day on Social Media sites

Write one new blog post per week which I hope can offer some insights into working in Direct Sales.

and if I do all of these things succesfully in a week, the following week I will raise my goals

See You At The Top Of the Mountain!!!

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