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Join Scentsy...Yes or No?

So you went to a friend's Scentsy Party and bought a warmer and some wax? it was delivered to your friend 10 days later and you went and picked it up the following week.

When you got it home you found the perfect spot for it, plugged it in and dropped a cube of wax in the dish on top! 10 mins were in love!!

Scentsy had spun its magic again! That is what Scentsy is all about, after all. A lovely scent that transports you back to joyful and happy memories. A warm and inviting ambience in your home that depending on the fragrance you have warming, lifts your spirits or makes you totally at ease and relaxed.Your fragrance can transport you to a botanical garden, a tropical beach or a childhood haven like Grandmas!

Then you thought I could join Scentsy...I could do what that girl at the party did! Play a few games, let us smell all the testers and take some orders...that is not difficult at all!

And what happened then??? you needed the money to pay a bill...or you had to get school clothes for the kids going back to school? But in the meantime, you still love your warmer and those wax scents are to die for!! ...but you are also getting cold feet and self doubt creeps in...what if I can't get any customers?, what will I say to people? I don't know enough people??

and it slips to the back of your mind!

It becomes another one of those things that you think about, but you never do anything about and

you convince yourself that you would be worse than useless at it, or have no time or worse still can't afford to buy the kit!

What about if you gave it a go? You could be amazing at it? It could be one of the best things you have ever done!..

For You....This could be just the thing you needed to have a couple of hours once or twice a week to be away from the kids and out enjoying yourself entertaining others! Mixing with others, making acquaintances and friends, Having a support network of others from all over the world who are just like you and love Scentsy just as much as you do. To do something for you for a change!

For your family.....extra cash every month for the kids swimming, dance, gymnastics or football classes. Spare cash for Christmas or next year's holiday for you all to enjoy together. The kids and many partners become very involved in helping you with your Scentsy Business, with many husbands giving up work and joining their wife in this venture full time!

For cheap and Free Scentsy! Every qualifying order you put in means YOU get at least one item half price! that could be 6 bars for £18 or a New warmer for the bedroom that should have and would have cost you £55 before you joined.

Running a Scentsy business is not hard, you don't need a degree, you have no stock or inventory to carry,,,that's all done by Scentsy. All you have to do is share your passion for the Scentsy products, gather orders and payments and then put the orders in on the workstation that you get when you join. When the orders come in, you sort them out and then deliver them, have a cuppa with your hostess or your customer, cause you don't even have to do parties!

You find a way of selling which suits you and no one tells you you have to do something else! Maybe you work in a hospital or a distribution Centre, how easy would it be to leave catalogues and order forms in the staff rooms. or take a warmer into work and let others smell how good it is....that is all we do Share!

You are not alone and left to figure it all out on your own either. By joining me you would be part of a team of over 300 consultants from all over the world,,,and I am maybe a bit biased here but you have never ever met a friendlier bunch of people. They all want to help and support each other to do the very best they can with Scentsy. Ideas, tips and information is all shared readily and willingly and support is always only a message or phone call away.

Joining Scentsy is not a get rich quick scheme...and don't believe anyone who tells you otherwise. It is just like any need to build it up to reap the benefits. How much those benefits are depends on what you put in. If you want to work part time hours you will get a part time wage, that's just what happens, but you have the POTENTIAL and the OPPORTUNITY that with a bit of determination, hard work and consistency, you can make big changes to your lifestyle.... and I will be with you every step of the way!

So what are you waiting for?? Get more Information or hit the button and join! HERE



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